ASL Interpreting Services is a local, woman-owned business providing qualified American Sign Language interpreters to Kentucky and Indiana since 2011.

Sara Logsdon - ASL Certified Interpreter

Sara Logsdon

Owner and Principal Interpreter
Sara Logsdon graduated from the Eastern Kentucky University Interpreter Training Program at the University of Louisville in 2006. She completed her internship in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati at Northern Kentucky Services for the Deaf (NKSD), and then began working as a freelance interpreter Louisville, KY. She freelanced in Kentucky and Indiana and obtained national certification from the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf in 2009.

Sara has a strong love for the Deaf Community and a passion for interpreting, particularly in the medical and mental health settings. She also deeply enjoys the new places, people, and community her job allows her to experience.

Sophia Kennedy

Director of Operations
Sophia Kennedy graduated from the University of Louisville’s ASL & Interpreting Studies program in 2016. She completed her practicum with the Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services team at Seven Counties Services, which is where she met Sara and worked side by side with ASL-IS. Upon obtaining her Kentucky temporary interpreting license, she began working full time as a community interpreter under Sara’s mentorship.

In early 2019, Sophia’s daughter was born, at which time she made the transition to focusing primarily on coordinating interpreting services and managing our clients. While she now predominantly attends to the logistical aspects of maintaining ASL-IS’s day to day functions, her education at her interpreter training program informs her choices in coordinating qualified interpreters to provide effective communication between members of the signing and non-signing communities in each unique setting.

Kelly Peace - ASL Certified Interpreter

Kelly Peace

Staff Interpreter
Kelly was born in Louisville, KY. She learned sign language at a young age from her older Deaf sister, her sister’s Deaf friends, and the Deaf community. She has been around Deaf people and the Deaf community her whole life.

In 1997, Kelly obtained her NAD IV and became a nationally certified interpreter. She has been professionally interpreting ever since. Now she holds two additional certifications from the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf: CI and CT. In her tenure as an interpreter, Kelly has served on numerous boards and committees including the Kentucky Board of Interpreters and the Mental Health Advisory Committee. She has also been a professional mentor to countless interpreters in the community.

While she isn’t interpreting, Kelly lives with her husband of 42 years and their four dogs. She has two adult children, five grandchildren, and one great grandchild. She enjoys reading, animal watching, and helping people and animals.

Kate Allen

Staff Interpreter
Kate Allen started with ASL-IS as an intern from the University of Louisville’s Interpreting Studies program from 2021-2022.  Upon obtaining her Kentucky license, Kate Allen was hired as a second staff interpreter in 2022.

Shayne Raftery

Staff Interpreter
Bio coming soon

Matthew Rossmann

Staff Interpreter
Bio coming soon

In addition to our two state licensed and nationally ASL certified interpreters, we also subcontract with freelance interpreters from around the state.