All of our sign language interpreters have passed background and drug screenings, and have met all state and/or national standards to provide interpreting services in Kentuckiana.

Abby Riggs

Abe O’Coffey

Alyssa Black

Amanda Lambert

Amber Fox Young

Amy McDonald

Amy Tinnell

Andrea Hopkins

Anna Beard

Ashley Finn

Bernadette Eve

Cathy Howle

Christina Markert

Corinne Miller

Courtney Williams

Cyndi Henderson

Debbie Porter

Debbie Ward

DeeLayne Roark

Denise Lautenschleger

Derek Fraser

Ellen Scott

Ellis Parrish

Farah Rudnicki

Gideon Scott

Hannah Vish

Heather Schenkenfelder

Jay Krieger

Jessica King

Jessica Minges

Josh Rogers

Julie Buckham

Julie Johnson

Julie Powell

Kaitlyn Peterson

Kat Bell

Kathy Spiro

Katie Pfannmoeller

Kelli Sanchez

Kelsey Neuwirth

Kenya McPheeters

Kimberly Babich

Kimberly Fraser

Kimmy Clark

Lori Cauble

Madison Koller

Mandi McCann

Marva Johnson

Matthew Rossman

Max Stauffer

Megan Collins

Melissa Parrish

Michael Rudnicki

Missy Miller

Molly Smith

ASL Interpreting Services - Louisville, KY

Rachel Morgan

Reb Kreutzer

Roni Lepore

Samara Lewis

SeQuoyia Jackson

Shannon Grider

Sherri McGannon

ASL Interpreting Services - Louisville, KY

Sonya Smith

Stacie Gibson

Tami Sallade

Tammy Cantrell

Tammy Parks

Theresa Lott

Tricia Musser

Zac Childers

We understand not all of our certified sign language interpreters are a good fit for all Deaf consumers. Your opinion and preferences are important to us. Let us know who you prefer!